Queen’s Institute on Trade Policy

I organized the annual Queen’s Institute on Trade Policy from 2009 until 2018. Drawing on the experience of former negotiators and academic trade experts, the objective for the Institute is to help a new generation of federal, provincial and territorial trade policy practitioners to acquire the skills and perspectives needed to develop trade negotiation strategies, and to provide networking opportunities with their counterparts in other departments and levels of government.

12th 2020 Trade Rules for the Pandemic and Its Aftermath 23 – 27 November 2020 Program

11th 2019 What’s Next for Rules-Based Trade Cooperation 17-19 November, 2019. Program

10th 2018 Trade Negotiations in an Era of Uncertainty 21 – 23 October

9th 2017 Towards a New Model for North American Economic Intergration, 15-17 October. Program

8th 2016 Canadian Trade Strategy: Looking to China? 16-18 October. Program

7th 2015 Where Next for Canadian Trade Policy? 4-6 October. Program

6th 2014 Canadian Trade Policy Strategy in the Asia/Pacific Region, 26-28 October Program

5th 2013 Advancing Canada’s Interests in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Negotiations, 20-22 October. Program

4th 2012 Canadian Trade Policy Strategy in China, 30 September-2 October.  Program

3rd 2011 New New Trade Policy, 25-27 September. Program

2nd 2010 Implications of Climate Change for Canadian Trade Policy Strategy, 26-28 September. Program

1st 2009. The First Annual Queen’s Institute on Trade Policy, 13-15 September. Program